School Cancellations

The following local media monitor and broadcast school closures on a daily basis:

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Weekly chapel services are held for both elementary and secondary students. This is a time for students to come together to worship and learn more about God and the life of a Christian through guest speakers, student council, and special topics.


HLCS Swordsmen Athletic Mission Statement

It is the philosophy of the athletic department to be an overall reflection of Harbor Light Christian School itself. The mission of Harbor Light Christian School Athletics is to bring honor to Jesus Christ, fans, the school and the community. The purpose of Harbor Light Christian School Athletics is to guide and help all participants grow and develop in their godly character and commitment.

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The Arts

Students at HLCS participate in an Arts program that reaches several areas. Art programs are specific to each grade level and allow the opportunity to explore their creative gifts.

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All students at HLCS are required to participate in at least one school-sponsored mission trip or school board approved mission trip to graduate.

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