Here at Harbor Light Christian School we are committed to giving our students a positive first year of school experience. Our deepest desire is that each child grows in faith and love in the Lord Jesus Christ and becomes an eager, confident learner.

Our purpose is to train and promote initial learning behavior and education skills in three to five year olds. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and will be geared to the learning styles of young children and their stages of development. This includes a variety of child and teacher directed activities with the emphasis on active learning through exploration and play using all five senses.

Educational Focus includes the following:

  • Bible Lessons
  • Character Qualities
  • Phonics and Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills and Physical Education
  • Music and Art

Preschool classes are available to meet the needs of your family. You may choose from the following:

  • Mon. - Thur. Full Days from 8a-3p
  • Mon. - Thur. Half Days from 8a-12:15p
  • Fridays are also available and are combined with Kindergarten for Enrichment.

Age Requirements:

  • Child must be 3 before September 1st of the current school year and toilet trained.

Introduction to Curriculum


Harbor Light Christian School strives to provide the utmost in Christian Education. Bob Jones University Press, A Beka Books, Christian Schools International Press, McGraw-Hill, and Houghton Mifflin are among the commonly used texts. Some secular publications and texts are used. If any secular publications or texts are utilized, it is thoroughly examined by the Education Committee to determine the extent of its use.


Our kindergarten program offers a comprehensive learning experience including a full academic schedule with language arts, math, science and social studies along complemented by essential classes such as art, library/technology, PE, music, weekly youth chapel and daily Bible instruction.

A Few Specifics:

  • Children learn to read through exposure to many important pre-reading skills, phonics and sight word instruction.
  • Writing instruction includes both mechanics, creative expression and non-fiction writing using mentor texts.
  • Science and Social Studies are interwoven across the curriculum by means of thematic instruction relevant to the lives of children.
  • Math explores many foundational concepts such as numeral recognition, counting, patterning and builds to include addition, subtraction, beginning place value and more.
  • God’s Word is implemented daily through prayer, Bible stories and activities and memory verses.
  • Multiple teaching strategies are utilized to help each child reach their full potential.
  • 5-6 year old children love to move, dance, explore and construct and have fun!

All of our instruction is given through the context of the world God created. It is super exciting to watch as the awe and wonder of the children combines with the order and logic inherent in Creation.


The school readiness program at HLCS focuses on developing students in their character, education, and relationship. Social and emotional development provides students with opportunities to share and listen with others, listen to peers, while working on respect and self control in their daily living. Students improve their fine and gross motor skills while learning stories and verses from the Bible, having an introduction to colors, letters, and numbers, and experiencing hands-on science. Leadership, caring and friendship are also important aspects of the school readiness program.

1st & 2nd Grades

Students study the Old Testament, the life of Christ, and the early church. Christian faith is emphasized in everyday life. Language arts guides students to develop their writing, grammar, and spelling. Cursive is introduced and developed. Reading allows students to grow in their comprehension and discover different genres. Addition and subtraction facts help focus students as they learn to measure, graph, and solve story problems. Students learn with written text and through experimentation in science. Physical and earth science are explored in addition to animals, plants, the weather, and other topics. Students learn about historical places and people that have influenced the United States.

3rd & 4th Grades

Students continue to learn about the life of Christ, delving deeper into the Bible by studying the Gospels and other books in the New Testament. Memorizing Bible verses is enhanced with weekly challenges. In English, students gain an understanding of sentence structure and continue their development of the basics. Learning the parts of speech and how to use them correctly in their writing is an essential part of our language arts. Daily journaling helps develop a love and knowledge of writing. Basic math computations are taught and built upon with challenges of higher level problem solving. Our math curriculum also focuses on fractions, geometry, and measurement. Students study American history, beginning with early explorers and the American Revolution, moving on to the civil war and into current day. During the second year rotation, we focus on Michigan History and how the people of our state have played a part in our country’s and world’s history. Students further their earth and physical science knowledge, in addition to learning about space, technology, and life science. Throughout all subjects, we try to tie back our learning to God since He is the source of all wisdom.

5th & 6th Grades

Students continue in Bible by focusing on what being a Christ follower really means, and re-examining what concepts like salvation, confession, and time with God mean for them personally, along with studying character traits that should be in our lives as a reflection of being a Child of God. Math skills are developed with solving story problems, being firmly grounded in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, and introducing algebraic and geometry-style thinking. The exploration of space, Earth’s surface, ecosystems, and resources, energy and motion, and body systems grows students’ perspective of science. A Science Fair is hosted by the students. Students will learn about the story of America, beginning with the earliest Indians, moving on to the Age of Exploration, and finally to the American Revolution and a new government. They also learn about cultures, religions, governments, and places in their study of world geography. The students host a World Fair. Students are given excellent literature to read, chances to choose their own books, and an encouragement to try new genres to develop a love for reading, and are taught to both ask and answer thought-provoking questions about what they are reading when they come together in groups for discussion. Grammar and handwriting (both print and cursive) are taught throughout the year. Grammar and writing are intertwined through the use of many different styles of writing such as personal narrative, persuasive, friendly and formal letters, instructional writing, as well as a lot of emphasis on the five-paragraph essay. The five stages of the writing process are used to strengthen writing.


Secondary Class List


  • 7/8: Old Testament Survey
  • 9/10: Gospels & Epistles, Acts of the Apostles, Salvation by Faith - Old & New Testament
  • 11/12: World Religions, Ethics & Current Issues, Apologetics/Revelation, Good & Evil

Read more: Secondary

Graduation Requirements


Basic Diploma

25 Credits that include the following classes: