Why Harbor Light Christian School

Imagine a place…
Where kids not only receive an excellent education,
But are also taught the most important things in life.
Things that stand the test of time,
Like faith, hope, and love.
Imagine Harbor Light Christian School,
Where education is more than excellent academics
…it’s about eternity.

Key Attributes

  • Over 25 years as a Community Christian School involving families throughout Northern Michigan
  • Faith-filled Education – Christian Curriculum, Biblical Christian-Worldview
  • More than 20 area churches represented in our student body and on school board
  • High Parent Involvement
  • Low Student-Teacher Ratio
  • High Standardized Test Scores
  • Quality Athletic Programs – seeking victory beyond the scoreboard
  • Multi-Age Class Options – Individual Needs Placement with tutoring and differentiated learning options for special needs students
  • Mission Emphasis - locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Highly Committed Faculty